Day 1: 16/06/2011

Day 1: 16/06/2011

Day 1

I decided a while back that I wanted to start a 365 photography project Seeing others inspired me to take this step in photography, as i have been at university studying illustration the last three years but leaning more towards photography by the end of my degree and even doing my dissertation on documentary photography.
I wanted the starting day to be a day which meant something to me so I decided that today, the 16th June, which would have been my Mother's birthday who sadly passed away nearly 3 years ago, would be fitting. This project is in her memory and a gift to her.
The main photograph i have chosen today was taken in Central Park in New York city. At the moment I am on a 5 week holiday staying with my Aunty Parvaneh and Uncle Richard. I came here with my partner David and our daughter Rosina. The photography is of a small motor powered boat which people of all ages were sailing around a pond in the middle of the park. It is a peaceful photograph full of tranquility, hence the title. In the middle of the big city there is peace found by all in this wonderful park.
The two photographs below show the bulk of what I did today which was a photo-shoot, which I did for my Uncle Richard, photographing
the filming of a video being made for the Kickstarter website for his product Tricky notebooks. It was a long day but good experience
documenting a film being made.

Photo- shoot

Photo- shoot

Tricky notebooks

Tricky notebooks
I have realized that i blogged my first day as the main post, so now day one of my project will always be at the top of the blog and the rest will go in order from newest post to oldest, just so you don't get confused!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 137: In this town we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song

   Had some boring bank stuff to sort out today so me and Rosina did that after David had gone to work, and then we went and meet Claire, Warren and Lucas. rosina was very happy to run around all over which made conversation hard but it was nice to see them and see how much Lucas had grown, although I am still unsure ro was ever that small really, as she is so big its hard to believe! After that we meet Antonia for and while and saw Ash. Then it was time for home, had lovely cuddles and a big kiss fight which I think I won.
    Today's picture is of the pumpkins we made last night :) For halloween, didn't take Ro trick or treating as feel I should wait till she can say it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 136: Pumpkin carving

David had his day off today sadly no two days in a row as he has to have thursday off this week so I can graduate lol. Ro got up at some very early hour so I went and read in the loung with her and let David sleep how nice am I. Once we got ourswelves together we went to town and had a look around the town, getting Ro a suit for her picture on our home made christmas cards hehe money saving ideas everywhere. We then decided to look for a pumpkin which took a while and we finally found one in M and S. Had a nice trip to the park before coming home to do work yay! Was going to make pumpkin pie before realising you would have to cut it open and not carve it so we left that idea and got fish and chips mmm naughty treat. This evening was spent carving pumpkins.
   Today's picture is David in the process of carving his pumpkin you will get a full halloween based picture of mine and his lit tomorrow, I am thinking ahead go me.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 135: Little bit of Autumn

David was sadly on the late today, so we spent the morning together and then off to work he went :( Rosina and I just had a quiet day and went for a two hour work even though it was cold it felt nice to be out and about, we went down the river and saw all the tree finally turning into red and yellow leaves. After we got back we had dinner and watched Wallace and Gromit together before her bed time.
   Today's picture is some Autumn I took home with em to photograph as I stupidly left my camera.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 134: Tea leaves

Went to Birmingham with my course today, to go to the Icon gallery and to the custard factory. We always visited the bbc and a few people got a go a presenting the news which was quite funny. Had a good time 'bonding' with my class lol. But by 2 we were all starving so a good sub way was in order.
   I took a lot of photographs today but I loved this tea pot with its tea leaves so this is the one you get.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 133: Bendy bottle

Had a brilliant night with Lauren, lots of dancing and some drinking of course. But luckily was not hungover this morning although did have a baby talking to me at 8am so David took her in the loung and me and lauren got a bit more sleep.Had a busy rest of the day doing work, and I saw my firend Adam for a bit and then Antonia came round for a bit of shopping and dinner :) Going to Birmingham tomorrow with my University class, so have to get Ro to her childminders for 8.30am eck!!
Today's picture amused me as its of a bottle Ro squash and put on the side!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 132: Getting ready

Don't have much time to write as Lauren and I are getting ready to hit Bushies woop. As you can guesds lauren has come down in her half term to come party with me, she looked after ro with I was at university they had lots of fun.
    Picture today of Lauren getting ready :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 131: Look a hole Mummy

Not even going to get started but yes lack of sleep again grrr, not Ro fault as she doesn't know what she is doing and can't help it, but I wish I know why so I could help her sleep through again, I'm thinking growth spurt. Woke up surprisingly used to the lack of sleep, and did some stuff around the house. I then cleaned out Barry but had to lock him in the bedroom as Ro kept picking up his ball and I was worried she would drop it. When David got home, I got straight to doing more work as at 6 we had a date, or double date, or meal with our couple friend... None of which I am allowed to call out thing, so we had a plan to meet up with Antonia and Ash and go for dinner at ask. It was very fun and I have to say there were moments I was in fits of laughter.
    Today's main picture is of the water jug with a pointless hole in the middle which Ro found very amusing.
 Also decided to add a picture of Antonia and Ash being camera shy :) and Ro playing Peek a boo with Antonia.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 130: A church

I don't want to moan everyday on this blog but lets just say no sleep again last night really, so I am starting to feel the effects now. Never the less I have to do work for university and even more imposrtant as its David day off so I can be baby free. Ro and David went to town and I spent the time doing lots of work. At 4 we decided to take a break and go for a well needed swim at the pool, Ro was amazing and even swam on her own a little (with arm bands). Going to watch a film called momento now my lecturer recommended it to help with my project.
   Today's picture is of a church which we pass everytime we go swimming or to Claire's house.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 129: Techno baby

Gosh last night has been on of the hardest in a long while, Rosina was again up most the evening and then at 2am was wide awake so David stayed up with her till about 4am and she was up again at 7 where I took her in the living room. She seems happy so I am not sure why she is sleeping so little, I am very tired with a head cold now so not feeling brilliant over the lack of sleep recently. When we finally got ourselves together we went to town I decided to screw healthy eating today and had a well needed maccy d's, it has been a while. Afterwards we did the very sad thing and started our Christmas shopping feeling it was sensible to spread the cost, didn't get much but did write a list of what we wanted to get people. Rosina seems well on the ball with her gift buying lol. This is a first for us though never brought before late November before. Spent the rest of the day doing work, until Rosina bombarded my laptop.
   Today's picture are of Rosina after her bath when she escaped getting her cloths on and went to play on my laptop, which ended it in being turned off by her!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 128: Meatballs

Was very tired this morning Rosina is still waking up in the night from being ill it seems to have knocked her normal pattern out the window, luckily David was on the late so i got an extra hour in bed before deciding to get up for a nice bath, Rosina decided that should be a nice shared bath! This afternoon we went with Antonia to her sisters house and Ro played with Molly and Chole, Antonia's niece's. She had a lovely time playing and got given some new shoes as she has lost her which was very kind of Kayleigh, Antonia's sister.
   Today's picture is off my meatball from dinner, I was tyring to be invented in the way i took food photography.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 127: Grape vine

Didn't have a morning lecture today, but took Rosina to the childminders anyway so I would have time to do work, I went into university early to pay off some of my fee for my course. It wasn't fun to part with so much money but worth it! ad our ethics lecture and then went to get the little lasy, David was working late so we had dinner alone and after she went to bed I had a long phone call with Lydia :)
    Today's picture is of the grape vine which is on the wall outside our childminders house

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 126: Blue eyed beautys

Oh little Rosina waking mummy up at 6am for the 2nd day in a row makes very tired mummies who can not play well lol. As you can tell I was very tired today, and as the lift broke yesterday I didn't want to risk using it before I checked it on the ground floor, there were testing some stuff so Ro and i walked to co op she was very good and held my hand, the only difficult part was walking 6 pints of milk home and holding her hand lol. After lunch we caught a bus to meet David form work and did the rest of our big shop.
   today's picture is of when we got home and had a play on the balcony, Ro kept taking her jumpers off even though it was bit chilly

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 125: Christmas lights already!

I am a hero lol, when I got home from my afternoon lecture today i went to use the lift and it wouldn't work and I heard a knocking and someone shouting hello, a man from my building was locked inside, so I went to try and see if it would go up to any other floors and phoned maintenance who got the fire service to come let him out, I had to go and let them in and wait around to give them details. Rosina and David got home at that time so two fire men took Ro in her pram all the way to the top floor where we live to save David's back :) Bit of an interesting return home, but the boy was very greatful I had helped him out, just don't know what I will do tomorrow to get out the flats without the lift now.
     Today's picture sadly isn't perfect I had a quick moment to take a photograph where waiting outside for the fire service but couldn't go out into the street or the door would lock behind me, once they were gone it was too dark, I wish I had taken photos of the fire men but just didn't get a chance.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 124: Peace

Had a lovely day today because my lovely Sammie came to visit, Rosina loved seeing her and blew lots of raspberries on her baby bump, which is a very cute baby bump indeed getting very excited for the arrival of Mr baby Bourne now :) But think it will be a shock to see a tiny baby again lol. We had a lovely day lots of chatting and went out for lunch. Makes me sad we can't see each other more often :(
   Took this picture as I saw it on a wall a few days ago and thought it was worth going back to take a photograph of.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 123: David's NEW SHOES

Had a bad day for work today, everything that could go wrong went wrong, not saving properly, word stopped working, internet being to slow to do anything, and Rosina deleting all my work, and then programs crashing losing my work! Quite fed up to be honest as now it looks like I have done nothing so have to do some more now. After all that I gave up and went for a swim with Rosina and David it was very fun and a good break for myself.
    Today's picture is of David new shoes, his first ever Nikes hehe, I really need to get a backdrop for photography like this.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 122: Geometric glass

Oh what an interesting day, I let David lay in as his back still hurt, until Ro decided it was time to go in and wake up daddy. We had to make a dash to town as soon as the shops opened as we did the silly thing of not realising there was only one nappy left! Coming home for lunch David took his back painkillers and this was the wired part to the day, because he had a bad reaction causing him to be very confused, and ill. I put him to bed for him to come out 5 mins later wondering where he was and why he was in bed. Spent the next hour looking after him till he feel asleep, and woke up ok. He has stopped the tablets now! After all this we got a buzz on our door phone, no one answered so I ignored the next until they wouldn't stop buzzing looking over my balcony two police were there and shouted up 'please let us in' So I did and we waited by the flat door for them to come up and say people had been throwing eggs, from the windows out the back, we let them in to look out our kitchen window and they could tell which flat it was from there! Went back to town to get fish and chips for dinner and got Harry potter Lego on ps3 as a treat :)
   Today's picture is of the windows above chapel walk. I liked the angles and using the photograph portrait felt as though it worked well.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 121: Violin

Had a lovely day today which was also a nice break from doing work, spent the day with Antonia its been a while which is odd for us lol. Just had a general girly day of chatting and shopping. Got a nice fleece nightie thing from primark which is very snug, and brought a dvd which my lecturer recommended I watch to help with my project. Cook up a dinner of ham and mushroom tagliatelle, which I had the recipe for in my magazine.
   Today's picture is of a boy who was playing the violin on the street, I gave him a bit of money as he didn't seem to mind me taking photographs.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 120: Graffiti

Rosina seemed alot better today although still got me up at 6am, we had very cute cuddles and kisses and she stroked my head for a while which was just the cutest. Had my normal busy Friday at uni made even more so by the fact we had a presentation pre lecture not fun. Was a nice day though I do enjoy being there, and feel I'm getting some good ideas going for digital media. David hurt his back quite bad so was sent home from work so after uni I sent him to the doctors and then we got the baby who ran up and jumped into my arms it was so cute. Had an angle chef for dinner yummy, although don;t feel it works with my new healthy eating.
   Took a photograph of some graffiti by the doctors today, got the idea from Katie as she told me it was there, apparently going to become a venue place for live music inside and legal walls for urban art.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 119: Cuddles with bunny

Oh what a poorly ro ro, David and I were kept up by a little crying girl. In the end David took her in the lounge at 6 and i swapped with him at 8 so he could get a couple more hours sleep. She seemed very uninteresting in food and during her nap kept crying with her eyes closed it was very sad.
Today's picture is of Ro having a cuddle with bunny during a moment of peaceful sleep

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 118: Bark

Had an awful sleep last night, as Rosina was very unsettled, we are also now completely off breast milk so having to get up to get bottles made it even harder for us, who are so used to just cuddled down. spent the morning with David and Ro all very tired. Today was a very important day at university so I dropped Rosina off before heading in, we meet our client and got our brief, which I can't reveal for confidential reasons. After uni Katie came round for dinner and to finish going over our work for Fridays presentation.
   Today's picture is of some tree bark which I thought looked interesting.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 117: A candle in your memory

Today is a rather sad day, as it has now been three whole years since I lost my Mummy, she was my whole life and taught me everything I know, the best thing she left me was the knowledge of how to be a good Mummy myself. I aspire to be as good as she was.
   I decided to have a relaxing day today, I did intend to get alot more work done which hasn't really happened so I am doing some now. Today was a day of hair cuts though as I got mine done as it very much needed sorting out because the last time it was done it was like garden sheers had been taken to it. Rosina go their first every hair cut just a trim of the fringe to keep it out her eyes, I kept her curls from it as it made me sad to do but I could tell it was bothering her. Then David got his curls cut off and now it is very short again, he now has cold ears apparently.
   Today's picture is of the candle we light in memory of my Mummy, it was the only candle we own here but at least it smells good.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 116: There just the cutest

I am very tired after a busy day today, I woke up to tickle tickle tickle by a baby who thought it was fun to tickle my feet :) sadly I had to leave the baby to go to university to work on the ethics presentation we have in for Friday. Katie and i worked together on ours and we didn't finish until three this afternoon so it was a very long day. Afterwards I came home to Ro and David and we had a look round town before coming home where David cooked us a roast dinner, I really need to do some more work now :(
Today's picture is of Ro and David on a bench in town looking very cute together.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 115: Dips

Got woken up this morning by not only a baby but not too long after a Sam as well, who joined us in bed for a while before we decided it was time for a cup of tea and to wake the boys up. Had a nice morning chatting with everyone and we even ordered a takeaway breakfast of oat cakes, mine had sausage, egg and cheese in it was amazing. Sadly we had to leave the house of Sam soon after so after saying our Goodbyes Ella drove us to Birmingham where we stopped at Lauren's and nick's for a cup of tea before she kindly drove me to the station. I got back around 3 and spent the afternoon doing some uni work, before David took me out for a meal in honour of my Mummy who passed away three years ago on Tuesday :( 
   Today's picture I was trying to be creative with cropping it is of the dips which come with the poppadoms.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 14: Sam's surprise

Today was the day of Sam's surprise birthday party, it started off by going to birmingham this morning meeting Lauren and shopping, then we had lunch and went to her house to wait for Ella who was a little late which meant Mandie was in Stoke before us, sadly/luckily she got completly lost and ended up in Hanley which meant we had time to get to Stoke. The pram didn't fit in ella car so I ended up leaving all the nappies in it by mistake. When we got to stoke Chris had taken Sam out and we let ourself into their house hiding our stuff. Mandie still hadn't arrived lost again, so she had to asked many people before I decided to go and find her. Then the plan could kick in Chris brought Sam back and just as they arrived we hid in the cupboard annd left Rosina in the hall. So when Sam came in she saw Rosina there, knowing i'd be somewhere Chris told her to go to the freezer and all 4 of us jumped out scaring her :) We then took her out for dinner and meet Dave. Now its party time.
   Today's picture is of Ella, Lauren and Rosina at dinner.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 113: Red rose

Had my usual busy Friday at university, this mornings lecture was full of five minute drawing after being given a short brief which is quite a scary thing to do as I am not a quick drawer, but we had a group one where we had to come up for a new use for a brick if they stopped building with them and we came up with the ibrick the most secure iPhone case ever, it was very funny. After the lecture I had a chat with John about my project and think I now have a theme forming which excites me, this week will be full of research towards it :) This afternoons lecture was interesting learning about ethics we have a presentation for next week to do luckily I am working with Katie which makes it a bit nicer. I picked up Rosina afterwards and we had a lovely dinner together before she fell asleep on my lap and after a long cuddle I put her to bed.
   Today's picture is of the rose David got me yesterday, I am not 100% happy with it but feel I would need extra lighting to do it perfectly maybe its time to invest.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 112: Wrinkle foot

Oh dear crazy night last night but a good one, was feeling it a bit this morning when I got woken up by Rosina pouring my glass of water from the bed side table over my head, is quite funny now looking back. Spent the morning being lazy and then decided to have a bath with Rosina, it was a very long bath and David came home early to find us in there still after nearly an hour. Spent the afternoon just chilling with my loves.
   Today's picture is of Rosina feet after our veyr long but fun bath.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 111: Railing

Had a brilliant breakfast this morning, David made us all sausage sandwitches and we had a nice family breakfast at the the table. David then did the washing up as I can't with my poorly finger. Sadly David had to go to work afterwards, so I put Rosina down for a nap and did a bit of stuff around the house, before getting Ro ready grabbing lunch and taking her to Clare's house whome she loves. then off to Uni I went, today was very interesting as we went through old breifs and looked at the pitches produce form them, shows the standard of work we are expected to do, it was very interesting and I feel more ready for next week when we meet our Client and get given our breif. I walked home with katie taking photographs and picked up Ro. I am off out now with Sophia so I must dash.
   Today's photographs are of the rails facing into the race course, I was going for the texture look of the old railings as I thought they made a good photograph.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dat 110: Countryside

Had to get up early this morning as we had to get  the train back to Worcester so David could get to work on time. The train journey was long and tiring but it was nice to get back and see Barry. Me and Rosina spent the day relaxing watching old video's I brought up with me such as Lady and the tramp too, Rosina was a very sleepy girl and had a long two hour nap this afternoon. Then this evening we had a a long bath and David came back to get Rosina out the bath. I had trouble changing nappies because of my finger Rosina kept pulling on my hand as the bandage interested her!
   Today's picture is of a view from the train of the lovely country side.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 109: Poor little finger

Today went from good to bad, this morning we had nice day watching tv and planning to go back to Worcester, it all changed once we decided to play in the garden it was lovely at firat playing chade with Rosian, untill the knee of David flew through the sky landing on the poor baby finge rof myself with a crushing sound and pain I realise it had broken! As I don't have a car I had to wait untill my Dad got back to take me to hospital after 3 hours there and an x-ray saying it was fractured, they strapped it and sent me home, too late to go back to worcester so sadly we have to go early tomorrow morning.
   Today's picture is of my finger strapped up poor finger.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 108: Bbq in October!

Had a bad sleep last night, Rosina woke me up around 7 times which after having full nights sleep for a long time my body is not used to it. David luckily got up with her so I managed to get a lie in before getting up to see them off as they went to the harvest festival with his family. I didn't go as I was meeting my friend Luke for a late breakfast, it was nice to catch up. Afterwards I helped my Dad move some sofa's into the garage that were meant for Roxy but she no longer needed. We then went to David's parents house for a Bbq, yes in October. It was nice to have everyone there Rosina seemed very pleased at the idea of both Granddads being there at one time. This afternoon David was helping clean out his old room, so I went back to my Dad's and played in the garden with Rosina although she seemed to perfere going to the front and playing in the gravel, we looked for fossils. We are going to watched another film tonigh called Hanna.
   Today's picture is of the busy table set for our Bbq lunch.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 107: Upside down

Has a busy day this morning, as we decided we would go home so I needed to do lots of things around the house and town this morning. Most my day consisted of this untill David arrived home from work which meant we had to run to the train to get home. Once we got back we went to Daivd's parents house for an hour and had a cup of tea and and chat with his parents, Rosina loved seeing her grandparents. Then we came ome to my Dad's house so see got to see all her Grandparents today which was nice. Going to watch a film with my daddy now.
  Today's picture was taken on the train Rosina and David were playing and being silly so I decided to take photographs of them both.