Day 1: 16/06/2011

Day 1: 16/06/2011

Day 1

I decided a while back that I wanted to start a 365 photography project Seeing others inspired me to take this step in photography, as i have been at university studying illustration the last three years but leaning more towards photography by the end of my degree and even doing my dissertation on documentary photography.
I wanted the starting day to be a day which meant something to me so I decided that today, the 16th June, which would have been my Mother's birthday who sadly passed away nearly 3 years ago, would be fitting. This project is in her memory and a gift to her.
The main photograph i have chosen today was taken in Central Park in New York city. At the moment I am on a 5 week holiday staying with my Aunty Parvaneh and Uncle Richard. I came here with my partner David and our daughter Rosina. The photography is of a small motor powered boat which people of all ages were sailing around a pond in the middle of the park. It is a peaceful photograph full of tranquility, hence the title. In the middle of the big city there is peace found by all in this wonderful park.
The two photographs below show the bulk of what I did today which was a photo-shoot, which I did for my Uncle Richard, photographing
the filming of a video being made for the Kickstarter website for his product Tricky notebooks. It was a long day but good experience
documenting a film being made.

Photo- shoot

Photo- shoot

Tricky notebooks

Tricky notebooks
I have realized that i blogged my first day as the main post, so now day one of my project will always be at the top of the blog and the rest will go in order from newest post to oldest, just so you don't get confused!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 76: Cheesecake

Had a lovely morning with the bestie, cuddles in bed then breakfast with a bit of Jeremy. I didn't realised untill nearly one that I was late to go see Roxy, so Sam gave us lunch and we made our way to Derby. The train was one carriage with all the windows open and it felt as though it was speeding down the road which was pretty scary, eventually we made it to Derby and meet Roxy who took us to a place called JAck Rabbit for tea and cake. This evening we are going to play poker again lets hope I win today :).
The picture is of the gorgeous cheesecake and ice cream I had while I was out, in this cute little cafe.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 75: Bump love

Had a nice day with Sam, lots of girly chatting and playing with Rosina, she kissed Sam's nump as it will one day be her best friend. This afternoon we made yummy brownies which have taken over an hour and still not quite cooked in the middle which is odd but looks gorgeous. We having pizza for dinner tonight so I best go as i'm hungry.
  Today's picture is of Sam and Chris loving there baby bump :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 74: Sneeze

David let me have a lay in this morning which was amazing, once I got up we didn't do much which pushed us behind a bit as we wanted to sort a few things out. We only just made our train to birmingham after missing our first train from leighton. I'm now at Sam's and we are playing poker tonight.
   Funny picture of the classic hugging salf/peppers men as though one has sneezed on the other.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 73: Pure comfort

Had an amazing night out last night for Heidi's birthday, she made alot of effort to do up the house to a fantastic Las Vegas theme, and a good american stlye dinner of burgers. Drunken antics including taking a potatoe and naming him Freddie onto our wild adventures (the end of him involved chips this morning) lots of dancing, pole use and dodgams also made for a brilliant night. I slept over her house so we all watched Viva rock vegas before I got picked up to go to David's parents house for sunday lunch. Afterwards we came to my Dad's and sorted out a few bits in my room and are now having a domino's watching television. Great weekend :)
  Today's picture of Rosina having a very comfy nap on her papa's bed I couldn't help but snap a photograph.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 72: Toys

Don't have time to post today as going to ~Heidi's party now and have to get a train will make up for it tomorrow.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 71: City center

Had our usual friday music lesson today, although Rosina seemed strangly shy and sat on my lap for the majority of it, and it wasn't untill we came home that she want to play Row Row your boat with me. The weather was so bad today, I wasn't keen on going for our daily walk as it is difficult to push a pram and hold an umbrella so I tend to end up getting soaked. Once David came home I did Zumba again on the wii while they watched and shouyted things at me :) 
   Today's picture I didn't even have my camera on me for at first I made David run back up stairs to get it, we walked out the house to go get some food and with the weather and feel of the day, the street looked like a painting to me.The photograph I took didn't do the image in my head justice so I have tweaked it to represent to my viewers how I felt when I saw this scene.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 70: Pretty fly for a white guy....

Just did an hour of Zumba and I feel very good, although I think I agree with my Dad going to be hard to get to sleep after doing exercise so late. David was an hour and half late from coming home from work as he missed the last bus and had to walk most the way home, till he got to worcester and got a local bus. Today has been nice me and Rosina did some shopping and I got a diary so I can be organised on my course, and Zumba fitness for the wii so I can do an hour a day and a class a week to be fitness freak again (like pre pregnancy me).
  Today's picture is of a strange flower not sure what (anyone know?) I saw while walking with Rosina and caught these bright green flys on top of them so decided to take a photograph trying to get the detail of the fly, properly need a different lens to get closer in on the fly though.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 69: Cherubs

Had the doctors this morning for an astma review which wasn't exactly thrilling, but things are getting better in that department which is good. Didn't do anything exciting the rest of the day though as it rained most the afternoon, so just did some tidying around the house. Then when David came home we went for a bit of a walk round town and I cooked spaghetti bolognese for dinner.
   Today's photograph is of a cherub staue we happen to see while walking round town and I thought was nice, shows the old side of worcester.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 68: Summer

Had an awful sleep last night, think Rosina wasn't feeling 100% and ended up getting up at 6am so I am a very tired Mummy today. But we had no time for lazing around as had to go to the dentist at 10, Rosina refused to show him her teeth but got a sticker anyway, I just got another appointment but he said I had very good teeth so wasn't as scary as I thought :) Spent rest of the day doing a bit of shopping and walking around, untill David came home where we got Angel cheff take away for dinner. This evening we had a bit of a great escape Barry managed to get out of his ball so we had to looked arounf the house for him, and after pulling out the freezer he was standing behind us as though he was laughing at us.
   Today's picture is another flower but because of the lovely weather I am feeling very summery and happy looking at all the beautiful flowers.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 67: Pollenation

Wasn't feeling brilliant today so had a lazy morning, then we decided that we would go for a picnic a to the park. I thought it would be a good idea to take David to the eco cafe we quite often go to but once we got there we realised we had no change on us and they didn't take cards. so we ended up eating our own cake at the eco cafe, which we found quite funny, but they didn't mind. Afterwards we went to the park and had a long play even though it was quite busy, then went on home.
   I am very proud of today photograph, which is of a flower which had many wasps pollenating. I used the HDR effect to enhance the photograph to get its full potential.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 66: Birthday cake

Happy Birthday Roxy!!!
Had a great party last night, or more like the early hours of this morning as didn't go to bed till 5.30am lol, played many a drinking game including 21 where we only managed to reach 21 three times, can you tell what state we were in :) Also played just dance on the wii which I found very entertaining, although think Roxy was slightly dissapointed with it. This morning we all go up arounf 10.30 and had traditional present opening on the bed, then a big fry up made by the lovely Tom flannery. Then once we all finally got ready we pop to town for a few drinks in the sun at a cafe. It was lovely being at my sisters, but I had to go home early because my lovely little baby missed her Mummy and feels one night away is plenty for now :)
   Today's photograph was taken in the early hours of this morning where Tom produce this tasty cake and we all merrily sang happy birthday to Roxy. Don't worry though Roxy 24 isn't too old....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 65: Indian resturant

Don't have much time to post as i'm at my sister birthday party, but still committed and blogging before midnight and before i get to drunk lol.
  The picture is of the two men who served use at dinner in there uniform which \i thought was pretty cool.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 64: Berry picking

Even though I prefer David working the early so we can spend the evening today, he worked the late today which turned out to be quite nice because we had a family breakfast at the dinning table. Then off to music me and Rosina went, she was very good and even managed to get a drum and a shaker when the instruments came out. Afterwards we went berry picking like we planed to the other day, we managed to get a whole tub of blackberries and i'm even tempted to look up how to make jam and go get more. After lunch we decided to make a chocolate fudge brownie so I can take it to Roxy house tomorrow for her birthday party. Unfortunately we couldn't find white chocolate chips any where in worcester city center so had to settle for milk chocolate.
    Today's picture I took while blackberry picking, I love photographing nature and have found a real passion for it during this project.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 63: Duck

'Hey, hey, Ro, ro what a pretty so and so, what a pretty girl you are.' That is the song i have been singing to my pretty little girl all day and making her giggle. She has been crawling all over the house like a mad women and chasing me. Days like this make you so happy to be a Mummy of a lovely little girl who loves you more then anything in the world (well maybe Daddy just as much hehe). Other then playing we have not done much, we went for our daily walk and did some tidying. Then this evening I watched the new big brother, i'm not sure I will get into it, but I like to see who goes in the house, lets see if channel 5 is bringing back something which should have been left to sleep or not lol.
    Today's picture is of a very friendly duck who would have properly eaten bread out of your hand if you let it. Rosina liked to shout when it got to close, but it made a good photography opportunity.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 62: Peacock

Had a lovely day with the Bourne's and Meg today, Rosina and I meet them at warwick castle. It was a beautiful day, and there were many out door shows. Rosina had a great time playing with little Chris and Meg throughout the day, and they also got baby practice in for when there new niece or nephew is born. We also walked across the top of the towers, I had Rosina in a sling on my back and we had some tiny staircases to climb which was a little scary with a baby straped to you.
   Today's picture is of a peacock I saw on the grounds, I love the way some of the feathers make him look fluffy, and you feel as though you could reach into the picture and stroke him.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 61: Little friends

 This blog has become habit by now, part of my daily routine. But I do feel this month has been filled by images of people alot including many of the cheeky little baby Rosina. I want to start trying out some new styles and techniques of photography, so any ideas would be very welcome. Also suggestions of previous blogs likes and dislikes would also be helpful.
   Rosina didn't sleep well last night, but dispite that I was quite awake this morning, and once we were ready we went to town, did alot of window shopping and had a spy on people getting there feet eaten by fish, i'm still not sure if this is my cup of tea. In town after much browsing we brought a new table cloth and placemates (Cath Kidston) to go one our new table :), also a teabag dish in a shape of a teapot, again (Cath Kidston). In the afternoon we meet up with our friends Anja and Angelyna at a eco center which have a play area for children and do great cake! There friends also came along and the children had great fun playing. Once we got back home David made us a lovely dinner (our new favourite learnt in America) rice, kidney beans in tomates, eggs and cheese.
    Today's photograph I took at the eco center, I followed Rosina around while she played and managed to capture this quirky image of her and Angelyna playing. They have such grown up expressions on there faces, and even though blabbing away seems to understand each other very well.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 60: Ball pit

   David had today off work so we got a few bits done, including buying a table and chairs which (as old as it makes me sound) makes me very happy as it means we can finally stop eating like slobs infront of the tv on our laps, and I'll have a place to do my work where Rosina can't press buttons on my laptop. In the afternoon we took Rosina to little acorns she was too excited to even eat her lunch when we got there. They had a great time in the ball pit while I took photographs. I'm always weary of ball pits as you never know what is really underneath all those balls after all the little children have been in them, even Rosina was giving them a good slobber.
  Today photograph is of them in the ball pit, they kept sinking into the balls and laughing. I wanted to catch a natural shot that looked fun and child like with all the colours surrounding them both.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 59: Sawtells

David and I were very productive this morning and decided after tidying up the house, to sew up the cushions as they were all ripped :) Then this afternoon David's parents Trudy and Charles came round and took us for a massive fantastic lunch at the harvester. Rosina was very happy to see them and had lots of cuddles and gave them many kisses. She got a wooden puzzle (off Granny and Grampy) which kept her very entertained while we were waiting for food. We got home late and were all so full from lunch, Rosina had so much energy and was crawling/trying to walk it all off :) 
   The picture today is of everyone outside the resturant Rosina was getting moody about being held as she wanted to crawl around the floor, so I had to be quick with taking my photographs, but feel I captured a nice family stlye image.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 58: fillet o fish

Having a baby makes your days feel quite routine and repetative at times, so I try to keep doing things throughout each day to keep us both entertained. Rosina seems like a very clever little girl to me and even she seems to want to be outside. She was literally trying to climb in her pram when I got it out today. So I decided to go for a long walk, our walks are general round the rive or the canal as there the most peaceful places to go. I bumped into my friend Anja on my walk and meet her husband, Rosina saw them before I did and was pointing and smiling at Angelyna (there daughter). 
  I had an idea when I got home yesterday of taking a photograph of David working, its a shame I didn't think of this while I was there, but decided to go meet him from work again today and get him in action filleting a fish. To me he looke as though he is doing some sort of fish dance while working :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 57: Fireworks

Had a lovely morning with Rosina, we went to music group and she was very cute playing with another girl. But again got pushed by trying to share toys, I think some of these other babies need to learn how to share better. This afternoon we decided to go meet David from work and do a big food shop for the week, we got lots of the magical disney cards and now only need 29 to complete the set, we have lots of double if any one collects them (for themselves of for others).
   Today's photograph is of a friework, we heard them going off and looked outside our kitchen window. I loved the way the light of the firework showed up the church tower in the forground.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 56: Alone

 Rosina and I had a lovely morning playing and cuddling, she even tried to help me vacum by getting of the spare vacum head and copied me pushing it over the floor. I think when she is a bit older I just invest of one of the mini henry hovers which work and are children sized, least her copying would help me out :) When David finished work we went on a walk down the river and back round to the canal were we walked to blockbuster and got some films out for tonight, then got an angel cheff take away for dinner.
  The photograph today is of David sitting on a wall in a arch on the river side. I was trying out some artist looking photographs, to me this photograph has a Banksy style to it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 55: My beautiful daughter

Had a nice day with Sam today, spent most the morning chatting and playing with Rosina, then in the afternoon we decided to make some caramel shortbreads which are amazing. We had too big a tin so had to block the caramel from pouring off the top with paper, once it was set we took the caramel covered paper out and scraped it off as it was soo good! Sam sadly had to go home today but no before we filled her car with lots of Rosina'd old baby things which she doesn't use anymore.
   Today's picture is ofRosina in her pram, with her crazy but beautiful golden hair.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 54: Stay Calm and Drink Tea

  Today was nice, after a scary moment when we got in last night with Rosina having had a nose bleed for no reason. I got up early with Ro and we played in our room till nine which I felt was a decent time to go wake the girls after our night out (which was great fun) spemnt the morning chatting till Lauren had to leave. Then Sam, Ella, Rosina and I went for lunch and did some shopping. this evening we keep looking out of our balcony there is lots of police around and riot vans guarding the city center, a few places being closed off and a bouncer outside the crown but luckily no sign of trouble. I hope things get better for England soon  and the riots stop.
   Today's photograph is in honour of a group I saw on facebook to get people to stop rioting, and everyone is to post aq picture of themselves drinking a cup of tea. So this is mine of Sam drinking one I made for her.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 53: Rock chicks

Got up really late today, which was nice but made getting the house tidy in time for all my friends coming round difficult. Luckily David had the day off work and cleaned the entire house while I slept.Thank you. Lauren got to the station at half past 12 but we were late "because Rosina had a dirty nappy....". This is the best excuse in the world when you are just running late, hehe, sorry Lauren!  We spent the rest of the day sorting through some paper work while Lauren played with Ro. Sam and Ella have also arrived now and we are getting ready for a night on the town. Feel sorry for Sam having to stay sober around us three.

Todays photo is of all my girlys ready for their night out acting like Rock chikcks, I feel they were very good models.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 52: Cathedral

   It was David's day off today, and we had planned to have a lazy day, but last night as we went to bed the evil ants had managed to get in our bedroom again! So we had to sort that out late last night, and this morning we still felt productive so decided to do lots of bits around the house. Barry's cage has also broken so we had to go ask about getting a new one, they said they would replace it but I don't know where they expect us to put him while we take the cage to get changed! So we will have to sort that out tomorrow.
   The weather has been very on and off today, raining one moment and really hot the next, but I did manage to get this beautiful picture of the front of the cathedral while we were out and about.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 51: My love

   Rosina made me so such a proud Mummy today, as she used her potty for the first time, and everytime we put her on it she used it. What a clever little girl she is and she is so proud of herself afterwards. I brought her a shortbread man for being such a good girl and got lots of kisses after that. We went round town today as it was the Worcester music festival, which we didn't realise untill we left the house and missed most of todays events, but did get to see a giant bunny which Rosina loved. David finsihed work ealy today so we decided to go get some films out from blockbuster, and he had got Rosina some poster for her room and some books for being such a clever girl.
    The main event of today was Rosina using the potty but i'm not sure that my viewers would be as pleased to see a picture of a used potty as I was when she did it. So I decided against taking a photograph of it lol. Instead I decided to take some photographs of David and his beautiful eyes.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 50: Summer sky

   Had a nice day with Rosina today, this morining we went to music, where she was a bit of a silly girl as when the instruments where put out she was the first one at the box but managed to share them out so much and then had none left for herself, so when she tried to go share with another girl abit older then her, she got pushed away which made me sad for her. This afternoon we went on a long walk down the river and did abit of cloud watching off the bridge. Then on our way home we bumped into Antonia and her family so went for a chat. David and I are now watching 'The Thomas Crown affiar' while eating mackies ice cream very tasty.
   Today's picture is of this beautiful summer sky, on this very hot day. I love looking at clouds and making out different shapes within them.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 49: Pub quiz

Had a quiet day today, it was raining this morning so ruined our plans of going to the park. Then this afternoon we did some general tidying up, untill David got home from work. Then this evening I went to a pub quiz we got 19/32 and I was terrible, but it was a good evening and had a few beers which was cheaper then coke.
    The pictures of of the pub quiz being written and the bottom one of my friend Antonia.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 48: Table top flower

Had a lovely day today, David had a day off work so we had the lovely Gee family round, Warren, Claire and there lovely baby boy Lucas, we had a nice casual lunch and a chat. After they left we handed into town to get a few bits and David decided to treat me to dinner at pizza express, with Roxy's orange wednesday code we got two  free starters and a free pizza which was nice.
   Today photograph is of a flower on the table in the resturant, I wanted to show the hidden beauty in a busy world, and also the saddnes of a picked flower used to go in a vase for our benfit. However much I enjoy getting flowers there always something sad about how they die so quickly.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 47: Kisses

Had a good night last night, did lots of crazy dancing, and dance non-stop for over a hour without even a loo break which when clubbing I feel is impressive. Sadly Maia has gone home now, so Rosina and I were alone again while David worked. But luckily our friends Anja and Angelyna (who is 3 months older then Rosina) were free to meet up so we went to an eco center where we played in a toy kitchen, and then went to a park. This evening when David got home from work Rosina decided she would still be awake to see him and they had lots of kisses, I focused on the hands to show the different in size and age in the hands.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 46: Swinging

Had a nice day with Maia and Rosina today, went shopping, then decided to go for a swim Rosina loved the water and kept trying to swim off on her own, I don't think she realised she can't quite do that yet :) Afterwards David meet use as he forgot his key so we all went to the park, and rosina played on the swings. Me and Maia are going out to tramps this evening so I best go get ready.
Today photograph is an over the shoulder technique showing the view from over the shoulder of the person looking at something. So I have tasken this of David pushing Rosina on the swings. Also added a photograph of Rosina in a red play tube in the park.