Day 1: 16/06/2011

Day 1: 16/06/2011

Day 1

I decided a while back that I wanted to start a 365 photography project Seeing others inspired me to take this step in photography, as i have been at university studying illustration the last three years but leaning more towards photography by the end of my degree and even doing my dissertation on documentary photography.
I wanted the starting day to be a day which meant something to me so I decided that today, the 16th June, which would have been my Mother's birthday who sadly passed away nearly 3 years ago, would be fitting. This project is in her memory and a gift to her.
The main photograph i have chosen today was taken in Central Park in New York city. At the moment I am on a 5 week holiday staying with my Aunty Parvaneh and Uncle Richard. I came here with my partner David and our daughter Rosina. The photography is of a small motor powered boat which people of all ages were sailing around a pond in the middle of the park. It is a peaceful photograph full of tranquility, hence the title. In the middle of the big city there is peace found by all in this wonderful park.
The two photographs below show the bulk of what I did today which was a photo-shoot, which I did for my Uncle Richard, photographing
the filming of a video being made for the Kickstarter website for his product Tricky notebooks. It was a long day but good experience
documenting a film being made.

Photo- shoot

Photo- shoot

Tricky notebooks

Tricky notebooks
I have realized that i blogged my first day as the main post, so now day one of my project will always be at the top of the blog and the rest will go in order from newest post to oldest, just so you don't get confused!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 289: New home present :)

Had a lovely day today, got up early and took Ro out to get things in for breakfast. When we got back our landlord had popped round so we met him and he was lovely. Spent the morning tidying till David went to work, then we went to meet Leanne and Matt for lunch which was good to catch up and Ro said Matt :) Maia came to Worcester today and met us at lunch. We had a great afternoon shopping and catching up. Now wine and film time.
Today's picture is of the new home gift and card Maia and Daniel kindly got us (Ro got a bath toy :) ) I name it Kev!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 288: Ro's new friend Ellie

Had a nice day today, David was on the early so I spent the morning with the lady doing some general bits around the house. This afternoon we meet Antonia and her family and went to town, Antonia got her own slr which was exciting :) and I got a filter for my camera. We then all went for tea ( which they kindly brought for me, as I let them park at mine :) ) and Ro decided Antonias little sister which a very fun person to play with :) when I got home David and I made our own salmon tarts which were gorgeous. Now time to tidy.
Today's picture is of Ro and Ellie playing

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 287: Malthouse Place

Oh what a sad lady she was during he night, kept on crying and asking for milk. I think she is teething, after very little sleep she finally got us up at 9 and it meant she was late for Clare's. I had to wait in for the sofa to arrive which meant I couldn't go to the library do i did lots of online research. Once they finally came at 4 I went to go look at filters for my camera. At 6 I picked up the lady and we came home for cuddles and dinner. David is home now so time to make the sofa.
Today's picture is of our street sign :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 286: How do you eat yours?

The lady kindly got me out of bed this morning by taking my pillow away and bringing it to the living room for me. We had to have breakfast and get ready quickly so that we could go to toddlers group. We had a lovely time there with bouncy castles, paintings, Easter egg hunt and making a Easter egg chocolate nest. Afterwards we had lunch before dropping off Ro at Clare's so I could get on with my work. Once David got home we tidied downstairs so the sofa bed can come tomorrow, do Maia has a bed on sat :). Once we picked Ro up we got dinner at Asda and came home for cuddles and food :)
Today's picture is of a cream egg, may have broke my lent as it was my mothers day egg in a mug :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 285: Youth Centre Graffiti

Had a very playful day with Ro today she was so cuddly and wanted to play silly games all morning. Including giving me many raspberries! We also had a very fun over bubbly bath, she has started to want to wash my hair as I do her hairs, is very much in the copying stage. When David got home we went for a walk and Ro said bike at every bike we saw :). We did a big shop in Asda, David got me my Easter eggs which i'm very much looking forward too although I have quite a few now!
Today's picture is some graffiti we saw on the wall of the youth centre.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 284: New Asda

It has been a long day today, had to get a train back to worcester, but ending up getting in late and missing the beginning of my lecture! But it wasn't too bad as in the lecture I did get to finalised my interview questions with the class and now they have been sent so I am waiting for a reply. I had an evening turtorial afterwards at 8.30 but i managed to get in early so was done by half six. When I got home I decided to pop to the new asda to buy dinner and have a look, it was so big and crazy busy. This evening has been a bit more relax but I think I need my bed veyr soon.
Todays picture is of the new asda, will be so much easier now there is a supermarket really close.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 283: Christening

Had a lovey busy day today, we went to London this morning with Roxy and Tom, as today was Alanah's christening. Rosina was very car sick on the way which was sad, so as soon as we got there we had to pop into marks to get her a new dress. The service was nice and Ro was a very good girl. Afterwards we went to my Uncle Parvis and Aunty Beverley's house for the party after. There was lovely food and was great to see and catch up with my family. I took lots of photographs and got a lovely biscuit tin off Angela and Max to say thanks for the cloths of Rosina's we gave them (even though they didn't have to). After the party Tom drove us to Leighton, Ro and Dave went to his parents and us three went to my Dads for the very last time for real as its being sold tomorrow! I helped my Dad finish cleaning and putting things in his new room. Then Roxy and Tom had to leave so we went for curry and played some pool.
Today's picture is a lovely one of Max, Alanah, David and Ro x

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 281: On a sunny day

Had a bit less of a busy day today, David was on the late, not that we saw him much before hand as Ro slept in till half 9 and then he had to go for a hair cut and I went to the doctors. Rosina and I had a nice day together though, we spent most the morning in town sorting thing out and came home for lunch and Ro had her nap. Then this afternoon we went for a walk by the river and played on the grass. When we got back we did some more unpacking before dinner and bed. I fell very ready for my bed now but David still isnt home as his bus has not turned up :(
Today's picture is of beautiful Ro Ro while we were outside playing :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 280: View from my bedroom window

This week just keep on getting busier, today Rosina was a very sad lady for no reason, all she does it keep asking for milk in a very cute voice. But she had to go to Clare's and she cheered up abit when she saw her friends. While she was gone it was time for me to unpack to the max. Also try and do a bit of uni work although going to do loads this weekend. During my unpacking Antonia came round and we had lunch and a cup of tea together before she had to head off and I has to get back on. I picked Ro up at 6 and again she was a very unhappy lady :( it looks like it may be teeth as she isn't wanting to eat which is odd for her. After my dinner she took me to bed and fell asleep like a good little girl. Now it is time to crack on some more cant wait til it's done!
Today's picture is of the view from my bedroom window, a lovely church, which I may start taking Ro to soon

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 279: Trickynotebooks

Today's has been a very long day, last night we had a scary moment where a man was shouting for his money back and kicking there front door for ages, so I called the non-emergency line for the police and they sent officers round who arrived just as he left. But once we had spoken to them we heard them talking to someone outside so maybe they did catch him. This morning I was very tired after the mid night scare, but the lady wanted to get up, so we got ready and went to toddlers group, where we did lots of running around (although Ro got pushed over and cried :( by a nasty boy) I tried to keep Ro up but she fell asleep and was just waking as I dropped her at Clare's. This afternoon it was time to clean the old flat which was very hard work because of the damp which is always there and I tried my hardest to clean. It took me so long it was time to go get Ro and we both headed to uni for my tutorial so David could finish off. When I got home David and I decided to get a pizza and relax for  a little. Now tidying here and forms need filling in.
Today's picture is of my Trickynotebooks which I got a little while ago. They are Uncles product which is mentioned in my first ever blog. His product now has a website ( all you lucky people can own your own trickynotebook which come in very handy in all situations. They also appear on design boom, check it out:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 278: Photos

Worse thing happen last night I woke up at 6am and heard Ro faintly crying too quiet to be woken up from but when I got to her realised she was screaming so we knew we couldn't hear her well in our new place and didn't know how long she had been awake for :( I had to buy a new monitor today so it doesn't happen again, although she is in our bed as has been unwell all day and very sad :(
Other then a sad poor lady, I have had a busy day sorting out address changes and trying to unpack. We got locked out this afternoon as the key we had cut was cut wrong so had to get David home from work as Ro was to poorly to travel all the way there and back. This evening I had Leanne and Matt round for dinner and then Leanne helped me moved some more boxes from the old place while Matt looked after Ro :) So a long bad day had a enjoyable ending at least.
Today's picture is of my photographs I have put up of those I love and have lost in my life (of course not including Tom and my Dad there just in the photos too)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 277: Owl on a root

It has been a Long day again today, we had to do some more cleaning and tidying this morning before heading to the town to start changing addresses, which is always a long process. I had my long day at uni also today and did a lot of research for my interview this afternoon. Coming home was lovely and even though it isn't unpacked it feel good to be here :)
Today's picture is of my Nana's owl who now lives on the root of the root table.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 276: Lick my butter fingers Daddy :)

Happy Mothers day to all you lovely Moyhers out there, mine was rather sad as my little lady was with Tom and Roxy until 5. But things needed doing after a good long sleep we were back on it this morning filling Davids Dads car with some more bits, not much left at the old place now. David's parents went at lunchtime and me and David grabbed some food at weather spoons before doing more packing and going to home base. I had to head to Birmingham at 4 to get Ro for 5, once I got there I had a lovely dress present for Mothers day and we got some tea. Then it was time to come home we didn't get in till nearly 7 so David tools out for a Mothers day dinner at pizza express which was lovely. One very clingy baby later and now it's time to unpack again.
Today's picture is of Ro feeding David butter from her dough balls.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 275: Still a way to go

It has been a very long day of moving from Leighton to Worcester. I would like to thank Dad, Trudy, Charles and Adam for helping David and I make it happen. We have moved all our stuff successfully into the new house minus a few bits from our old Worcester home. We have even started unpacking although as the title says still a long way to go. But for now it's time for bed.
Today's picture is what Rosina's room is like right now needs sorting before the lady returns tomorrow, we do miss her alot.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 274: All you can eat

Only a quick blog today as got to pack up the kitchen. Had a busy day of packing the worcester flat before choosing Rosina's photo for Worcester news baby of the year which apparently is on sale from the 3rd April. Then we got the long delayed trains home including dropping ro off with Tom in Birmingham for her weekend away. Once we got to Leighton we went for a drink and dinner. Now to pack!
Today's picture is of the all you can eat food we chose, they keep making as much as you want!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 273: Experimental material photography

Didn't feel brilliant today, so once i dropped off Rosina at Clare's I had a bit of a sleep so that I would feel a bit better, and be able to get on with work. I started my experimental photography by taking photographs through and onto the materials to see the effects. I have spent the rest of the day sorting out my work and trying to organise what needs to be done. David is home now and I need to write some emails before our busy night of packing the flat!!!
Today's picture is one of my experiments which I thought looked good as has a thumb print sort of effect.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 272: Music I hear in my lounge

I am blogging early today, as I have a bit of time now. Rosina went to childminder this morning at 9 and as i am at uni tonight I won't see her again till tomorrow morning which makes me a very sad Mummy, even more so as she is having her first weekend away this weekend. I had to go to the hospital this morning for an appointment, and ended up arguing with the doctor as the nurse worked out my bmi wrong and it made me cross lol. Once I got home I started doing uni work and watched stepford wives. Going to do uni work untill uni now so no rest for the wicked.
Todays picture is of the 3 men I could here olaying music on the street from my lounge.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 271: A shoe on a foot

Me and the lady had a busy day today, David gave me an hours lie in as I had Ro all weekend. When I got up it was time to play of course, after David went to work I decided to tidy but Ro wanted to sleep so I put her down and had my lunch. This afternoon we went to town to get new shoes ( which Granny and Grampy told me to chose for her Easter present from them.) We also got some material for my project, and then meet Antonia and Ashly for coffee. Once we got home we had to go back out as I forgot the rice, but once we got home again I realised I forgot the butter. So gave Ro dinner separately and I had to wait for David till I could eat :(
Today's picture is of Rosina's new bunny trainer on Davids foot :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 270: 14 Church Avenue

Rosina and I had to head back to Worcester today, after the last real weekend I'll ever spend in my family home :( not including one night next week ready to pack up my life and move it here. It is quite sad really I'll miss that house a lot.
As Ro was feeling poorly today David had to come home early from work and I was late to uni, which gave me a little break from the long train journey entertaining the lady to a full day there. Had quite a good time at uni getting all my ideas well under way now, still need more models though! Got home early as a few people weren't in for there presentations, so get Davey time.
Today's picture is of the happiest family home in the world, 14 Church Avenue you will be missed dearly.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 269: Cheeky Lady

Had a lovely day with the family today, our last day together in our old family home before my Dad moves out. Ro got me up at 6.30 so I watched cbeebies with her till everyone got up. We spent the morning going through the few bits left unpacked, and then decided to go out for lunch at weather spoons. When we got back Ro had her nap, so that when she woke she was ready to go to the park. We saw Mary and David briefly who I'll miss living next door too, and agreed to keep in contact :) Had a nice time at the park but too soon Roxy and Tom had to go :( I'm watching films with Dad tonight like old times :)
Today's picture is of Ro and Tom when Ro kept running into Mary and David's front garden.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 268: Ella and Lauren photo shoot

Had a good day today, when we got up this morning we spent time with Daddy, before all getting ready and heading out for breakfast with jack and Tony, Ro and Dad. When we got back Ro had fun playing while we all hung out talking before everyone headed off, and Tom and Roxy arrived. Soon after Ro went to Granny and Grampy's, so I could do my photography. Ella and Lauren came round so we picked cloths and did there makeup before going to bluebell wood for he photo shoot. Acing a nice dinner with the family tonight before heading to town.
Today's picture is a smile one from my shoot.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 267: Well needed drink!

Had a very long horrible train journey day today, we planned to leave at 12 and because of cancelled trains didn't leave till quarter to three. We then had many long slow trains and a few changes which meant we didn't get to mk till gone six and as there was traffic didn't get picked up till late which meant we got to David's parents at seven! Rosina was very good the whole time though and had a long run around and play when we got in. We had a nice evening with Trudy and Charles before coming home at 10, where Ro fell straight to sleep.
Today's picture is of the drink I think was needed after my long day.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 266: I love Daddy

Had a busy day without my lady today as she was having fun at Clare's house. This morning David and I went to the new house, and we built the new cabinet for the bathroom ( well David did most of it, but I screw a few bits) once we had done David had to go to work, so I spent the afternoon doing university work trying to find someone to interview for my research module. I picked Ro up at six and was very tired so enjoined a cuddle watching In the night garden with her. We had a lovely evening together before her bedtime where I got many kisses.
Today's picture is of Ro eating mini eggs with her I love you Daddy post stick as I'd left them out after working and she kept sticking them to her self.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 265: Fell asleep eating crisps

Had a nice day today, this morning Rosina and I went to a play group which Clare sometimes takes Ro to when she is in on a Wednesday morning. It was a lovely group and some of our other friends came too. Ro even got to make rice crispy cakes :) when we left she got a bit confused thinking she was going with Clare. House. After a nap and some food she did go to Clare's. While she was there I got my haircut and did my presentation. Once I got Ro we had a lovely evening before falling asleep together till Daddy got home.
Today's picture is of Ro when she fell asleep after play group while eating crisps.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 264: Lots of reaserch

Had a very long day today, David was on the early and Ro woke up when he did so got Mummy out of bed at 6am although she did bring my pillow in the lounge for me. She was unpacking open boxes all morning so it was not peaceful running after her. We went to music at ten and she enjoyed it more then last time but was still very clingy. When we got home a very tired Mummy and baby had a well deserved nap, although I should have been getting on. This afternoon we went to get her photograph taken for Worcester baby of the year, so look out for voting for her :) we went to meet David from work to get a few bits, and headed home. I had to then to go university to get some books out to be able to work from tomorrow. When I got home dinner was on the table which was nice :)
Today's picture all the books I got out for research and I still need more, who said photography masters was easy lol

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 263: Rosina's new toothbrush

Today has been busy, but this morning was lovely, I went to Anja's house and Ro had a play date there. She had lots of fun with Angelina and Travis, we spent most the morning there before all the little ones were tired and ready for there naps. When I got home Ro went down so I had a bit of time to laze before heading to uni. Today as normal is my long day but it proved very useful, as got a clearer idea about my projects. Home now and ready to rest.
Today's picture is of Ro's new personalised toothbrush

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 262: Nose touch

blogging very early today, as have alot to do. I got up and did work all this morning. Rosina went for a nap around midday and after completing my essay I went to find David to see them both in bed looking very cute. We are sorting the new house out today so I have to go eat now.
Todays picture is of ro and David having a cuddling so cute

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 261: First real haircut

Had a nice day with Ro today, normally on Saturday it feels lonely when David is at work. But today we got to see Leanne and Matt, Ro loves them so much it made her very happy (think she thinks there her friends not mine). We went for lunch at bushwackers for lunch which was lovely food, and after I showed them round the new house. Ro loved running round with Matt in the empty rooms, think they wore each other out. Afterwards we had to leave as Rosina had her first proper hair cut, she has only ever had her fringe done before. She was a very good girl, when we got home we played for a bit but she started to get a bit sad and tired so I got her ready for bed and she was sick all over me, poor little lady hasn't been well since. Hopefully she will feel better in the morning.
Today's picture is Ro showing off her new hair.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 260: New home

Rosina did not sleep well last night and was up early this morning, so I was a very tired Mummy. We spent most the day tidying and doing bits that needed to get done. When David got home at 5.30 we had to rush to sign for our house and get our new keys. We went straight there and had look around, I am so excited about moving in. Got lots of work to do this weekend but also going to start moving and cleaning :)
Today's picture is of David and Ro ready to go into our new home.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 259: Mummy cuddles are the best

Had a great night with Sam last night, although was very shocked when Ro was up first in the house this morning, so we got her ready and David took her to childminders. When David got home we decided to go out and let them all sleep, so we had a nice breakfast today. When we got home everyone was up and David had to go to work. Chris went to spend the day with his friend so I had a great day with Sam and Callum and I miss them lots already. This evening Rosina and I went to Birmingham to go have a Wagamamas with Lauren and Christina. It was great to catch up and be able to see them more often. Over all was a great day although Rosina did get a late night.
Today's picture is of beautiful Sam and Callum having a cuddle :)