Day 1: 16/06/2011

Day 1: 16/06/2011

Day 1

I decided a while back that I wanted to start a 365 photography project Seeing others inspired me to take this step in photography, as i have been at university studying illustration the last three years but leaning more towards photography by the end of my degree and even doing my dissertation on documentary photography.
I wanted the starting day to be a day which meant something to me so I decided that today, the 16th June, which would have been my Mother's birthday who sadly passed away nearly 3 years ago, would be fitting. This project is in her memory and a gift to her.
The main photograph i have chosen today was taken in Central Park in New York city. At the moment I am on a 5 week holiday staying with my Aunty Parvaneh and Uncle Richard. I came here with my partner David and our daughter Rosina. The photography is of a small motor powered boat which people of all ages were sailing around a pond in the middle of the park. It is a peaceful photograph full of tranquility, hence the title. In the middle of the big city there is peace found by all in this wonderful park.
The two photographs below show the bulk of what I did today which was a photo-shoot, which I did for my Uncle Richard, photographing
the filming of a video being made for the Kickstarter website for his product Tricky notebooks. It was a long day but good experience
documenting a film being made.

Photo- shoot

Photo- shoot

Tricky notebooks

Tricky notebooks
I have realized that i blogged my first day as the main post, so now day one of my project will always be at the top of the blog and the rest will go in order from newest post to oldest, just so you don't get confused!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 258: Baby kisses

Had a lovely day today, had to do work this morning while Ro was at childminder, but early afternoon Sam, Callum and Chris came round. Had a lovely day with them and we got Rosina soon after. Lots of cuddles and kisses all round and getting on very nicely. Me and Sam are having a girls night tonight while the boys babysit so must go.
Today's picture is of Ro kissing Callum.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 257: Cheeky girl in town

David was on a early today, it's always odd waking up with him gone, but Ro must have got up first as she brought me his empty mug to my bad, properly telling me have a cup of tea and wake up Mummy! We had a nice morning and a very long bath, Ro then had a 2 hour nap in which I did research for my essay. Then this afternoon we went to town to meet David off the bus, Ro walked round town and was very cheeky twirling round poles all over town :)
Today's picture is of Ro in town :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 256: Barry carrot cheek!

Had a nice morning with my loves, after Ro nearly killing Barry by giving him loads of carrot we went to town, we had to get some bits done in town but it was nice to be with David and Ro. Rosina went for a nap when we got in which meant I didn't get to see her again today :( as it is my long day at university. It was quite a good day although I was very mentally tired when I got home too much thinking :) Now just relaxing watching desperate housewives.
Today's picture of of Barry after he stuffed his cheeks with too much carrot.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 255: Modelling shots

Today has been a lovely day, we decided to go for a family swim this morning, I got some lengths done but as it was family splash time I spent most the time with Ro playing with floats, she even made friends with some young girls who played with her too. When we got home she had fallen asleep but hunger must have taken over because not long after she was up for lunch. In the afternoon we all went for a walk up the river, and I started my project for my digital media model of taking photographs of models trying to be different from the norm by not using size 0, having own style of cloths and not using photoshop much. We spent a whole doing different images taking advantage of the scenes and the sun set.
Today's picture is one of the shots I did no photoshop used here.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 254: Spring at last

Had a late night tidying and doing work, yet it didn't stop this morning as still had a few bits to do. We managed to get everything done in time for the viewing and Rosina helped the estate agent show the people round including showing them her toys :) This afternoon we went to town, as the weather was so niceI let Ro walk the whole and she was a very good girl, when I carried her for a while she dropped her shoe and told me Shoe! Was very cute, we went to meet David at the park when he finished work and had a long play before dinner. Now as everyone is asleep time to watch bridesmaids.
Today picture is of a lovely spring flower I saw in the park.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 253: Nesting

This week has gone so fast, friday has come round again which means my day of work while Rosina was at her childminder. I got alot sorted including how I am going to do some of my shoots for my module, and my idea for experimental photography. Sadly it meant I didn't have time to go for a swim, as the work is getting quite intense now. But we are going as a family on sunday so I get to do some lenghs and play with Ro in the pool, she loves to swim and is very good at it. David got home in time to pick Ro up with me, and we let her walk home, she was very good and held our hand all the way. We have viewings tomorrow at the flat, so now have to make it presentable.
 Todays picture is of a pigeon nesting in the tree below our balcony, I have seen it for a few days now and decided to try and photograph it through the tree.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 252: A summers day in February

Had a nice day today, David was on the late but it was his early day so it meant he didn't start till 1.30. So we got a nice morning with him, although Ro made sure we were both up when she was :) Rosina and I had a lovely rest of the day, we went to town and had lunch together. Then went to feed the birds at the river, Rosina loved throwing the bread in to the river although some were nearly half pieces of bread! She walked me home after throwing the rubbish in the bin, and was such a good little girl. When we got home we watch Aladdin together. All in all a lovely day.
Today's picture is representing a summers day in February, I added a slight vintage effect to make it feel Warner :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 251: Fruit

So today is the first day of lent which means out with the chocolate/cakes/crips ect and in with the fruit and rice cakes :) complete detox will be good for me. Rosina got me up at 6.30 this morning which did not make for a happy Mummy although she was willing to cuddle most the morning. She has childminder this afternoon so it meant I could get on with some work, before going for a swim. This evening I had a tutorial and now have decided on my project, need models!
Today's picture is of my new snack choice, fruit!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 250: Flipping pancakes

Had a lovely day with my little lady, we went to music group for the first time in ages this morning. Although Rosina was unsure at first about joining in and had a little cry so I had to hold her for a while, but in the end she got in to playing and had a great time. We went for coffee with a few of the other Mums and Ro fell asleep so missed playing and eating snacks. When we finally got home we had lunch and played until Daddy came home.
Today is pancake day :) so we had stuffed ones for dinner and a few sweet ones after Ro was asleep. Today's picture is of David flipping the pancake.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 249: Spotted dick

I have had a very long day today, I had to get a train back to Worcester, but we got a bit lost finding the station as Roxy and Tom went to work. When we finally made it we had missed out first train do had to wait for the next, when we got back we had an hour and a half till my lecture. I was in university 2-9 and got home very tired but to David making me spotted dick, So today's picture is of David making my dessert :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 248: Cassie

Had a great night last night although was very tired this morning! Spent the morning chatting and slowly feeling human again. We went to Mc Donald's and I got chips for breakfast, before heading to Derby to get my baby. Although I decided to stay the night do had to buy Rosina some cloths for tomorrow :) Had a lovely day with Roxy and Tom came home from a home cooked toad in the hole. Now we are going to watch a film
Today's picture is of Cassie the cat :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 247: Jump

Today is a baby free day, had to get the train at 10.24 this morning to get to Derby to drop Rosina off and then back to birmingham to meet the girls, we had a eat 4 less baguette before heading back to Lauren's where we decided to take a road trip to stoke to see Sam and Callum. It was nice to get baby cuddles and he fell asleep on
Me which was very cute :) Now were back at Lauren's getting ready to go out.
Today's picture is of the girls just after having a jump :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 246: Water experiments

Today has been a very busy day, we had a bloody fire alarm while get ready this morning so after that we were very rushed to get on so that Ro could get to her childminders. Once I dropped her off I went for a long swim and it felt so good to get back into doing lengths again. Afterwards I came home and had some lunch before starting work, I did hours and still have stuff to do I am not a writer and finding it hard :( I am looking forward to my other work though need lots of models.
Which leads me on to what my photograph is, obviously David on the shower but I want to experiment with photography and water.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 245: David daffodils

Had a great night with Lauren last night, seeing lots of people I knew which made it even better, just how going out in the woo should be :) Rosina got me up at 7.30 this morning which was crazy early considering how late I went to sleep and that she normally doesn't wake till 9. I think she knew I was tired cheeky girl. Spent the morning half chatting to Lauren trying not to fall asleep. So when Lauren left I went for a nap when Ro did. When Dave got home we went to town and brought Ro a Pepper pig jumper :)
Today's picture is of David and a daffodil as Ro was playing with it and wanting everyone to smell it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 244: Get your heels on!

Can't write much today, but had a nice day Lauren came round and we had a good catch up, and she dyed my hair :) had to go to my lecture boo while she looked after Ro. Now getting ready to hit the town.
Today's picture is of Lauren's heels ready to go out.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 243: Valentines

Happy Valentines day everybody hope everyone had a nice day :) We said we wouldn't do much this year but we both gave in and got each other cards and presents. We gave Ro her doll last week, but off Ro and Dave I got a card, daffodils, a fake rose, blanket with sleeves, a book and some baedas bath wash :) and Ro and I got Dave a wooden frame with two heart windows for pictures of his loves and a card :) Sadly David had to work so spent the day with Ro she was so happy all day. We went to town to try and get photos printed for the frame but boots wouldn't connect to my iPad :( I didn't have dinner with Ro and waited for Dave where I had fish cakes, mange tout , and scallop. I got us red wine and a brownie desert which we will have now :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 242: Birds

Today I have not been well my face is still swollen and I have been feeling really Ill. Luckily my lecture got cancelled seems a lot of people are unwell at the moment. Spent most the day relaxing and reading, but also went to town to sort out some things to do with the new house. David Took us out for a cream tea as I had not eaten all day and it was all I fancied :) As I was poorly I was uninspired with photographs so decided to do some shots with my lens baby :)
Today's photograph is of birds reflected from light using one of my aperture disks

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 241: Roxy and Tom

Had a lovely day today, had to tidily this morning as couldn't be bother last night. But after that Roxy and Tom came round which was lovely for Rosina and I, we went to town and they treated me to lunch at nandos which is always good. Then after lunch we headed over to little acorns and played all afternoon it was so fun we didn't want to leave. On the way home I started to feel ill and by the time I got home my face had swollen and I Webb to the doctors and he said all my glands are swollen and i am most likely to get worse and ill great and now I'm swollen all over which feels like being a puffa fish. Sadly Roxy and Tom had to leave so now time to rest to get better.
Today's picture could have been a classic couple photo with a lovely scene behind but this felt more real:)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 240: Bad Bert!

David did his first early since going back to work today, it is always nice to get him home early and have dinner together. Yet trying to find fun things to do with Ro in this weather is hard, as sheets very cold and walks get cut short. But we make the most of in door activities such as drawing and dancing with each other. She had a long nap today in which I got to tidy and go over my work. Sadly still have some to do tomorrow before Monday. So will have to do it when David is home after Roxy and Tom have left as there coming for the day. I got David's valentines day present today and tried to buy the next book in the series I'm reading but as they didn't have it I'm going to buy my first iBook. I have downloaded a few free ones but nothings i'm really overly interested in. So we shall see how it goes :)
Today's picture is just a bit of fun with my old Bert puppet

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 239: Ro'ss best friend Matt

Could not sleep last night and ended up drifting off at 4am so this morning I was knackered. So Dave let me have a lay in this morning while he took Rosina to her childminder. I got up late and got ready and had lunch, before starting my work which took me all afternoon to do, and I am still not finished :( but I had to pick Rosina up and tidy up before Leanne, Matt, Tama and Matt came round and we had a nice catch up and dominos pizza.
Today picture is of Ro playing with her best friend Matt :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 238: Sofa time

Today I got my quality time with Ro which I felt I had been missing a bit. We spent the morning doing what ever Ro like including watching tv, playing with toys and cuddling. She did not want to nap for me though and after taking ages to get her down ever time I moved she woke, so I gave in and had a cheeky nap with her. Which I have not done in a while :) This afternoon we had a long bath where we played lots of games pouring water from the jug a lot which she found very funny. We had a lovely dinner together and she cuddled me until she fell asleep perfect :)
Today's picture is of out sofa and owl pillow to represent a mummy and baby sofa day. Can't just laze on it with a baby as they get bored but it was as close as I could get :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 237: Dream catchers

I was very tired this morning when I woke up, so I had a nice morning of cuddles and watching lots of 'In he night garden' on DVD. I didn't want my lovely day with Ro to end as I been so busy we have not had any quality time together (or so it feels) but Wednesdays are childminder time and after not wanting to go once she got there she ran off and played and even cried when I picked her up, I'm sure it's meant to be the other way round. While she was away I tidied and did some uni work. Sadly as David had to work I had to miss my lecture because no one could look after Rosina. But we had a nice evening until daddy came home and brought me a kit Kay chunky mm last bit of chocolate before lent in a few weeks when it's bye bye junk food for 40 days! No chocolate/sweets/cakes or biscuits. I am also debating alcohol complete detox.... We shall see.
Today's picture is of dream catchers and evil eyes to protect you which Iike and these two hang in Ro Ro rooms.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 236: I could fillet those fish

Had a nice day with David and Ro, we decided to make the most of his last day off work. While we have free time before all the work and the moving starts. I spent an hour looking up where we could go and decided upon the sea life, also managed to get 2 for 1 vouchers. So we went up to Birmingham and had some lunch at urban pie which wasn't amazing, then we went to sea life. Ro was a bit sleepy but enjoyed running round every where and looking at the fishes. After we got through there was a small play area. So she played with some other little girls. On the way home we stopped at the Disney store and got Ro her valentines present of a Rapunzel doll which is lovely :) Now its time for some desperate housewives :)
I took a picture of some of the fish today while David was walking round saying how he could fillet those.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 235: Pretty and pink

Today has been a very long day. We managed to finished packing by midnight so didn't get the early night I needed. This morning we has to get up early and get a train back to Worcester. The first train had delays and then we got sent to the wrong platform so missed our 2nd train. It meant we had to wait an hour for our next so it meant I only had half half to go home and get to uni for my long day of 2-9! Had a tiring day at uni as well but got a few project ideas and will need models soon :)
Today's picture is of some flowers I took this morning as I knew I had a long day, tried different cropping techniques to make it more interesting.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 234: Snow day

When we woke up this morning there was a glorious amount of snow outside. This called for some snow man making and sledging round the garden. Rosina did now have snow cloths so David popped out to get her some new Welles as hers are too small and gloves. This meant we could play :) David and I took turns in pulling Ro round the garden on the sledge and we also built a snow man as a family :) It was a lot of fun, but sadly I still had a lot of packing to do so when they had to go in and get ready to go to David's parents house, I stayed at home and packed all day. I hear they have more fun in the snow again and played with Uncle Scott building another snow man. I managed to nearly finish all my packing so when they got home we sorted out dinner and David put Ro to bed. Now it time to finish off!
Today's picture are of Ro having sledging fun (more snow pictures to go on Facebook soon )

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 233: Pink Roses

Today has been another long day of packing and sorting through my life in Leighton pretty much. It is interesting but hard to let go of silly things at times. I found some old letters and got distracted reading them a bit :) but getting there now. Going to spend the evening finishing my room so there won't be loads to do tomorrow.
Today picture are of some roses David got me last night from telco while tipsy :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 232: Daddy's hat

Today has been so busy. Before we knew it, we had had breakfast, been out to town started packing the house and got Ro down for her nap by midday. Rosina is not the best packer and would rather unpack what we have just done than pack properly. She went off shopping with granny though and we finally got some stuff done.
Today's picture is of Rosina walking to town in daddy's hat because she refuses to wear her own.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 231: Orchid

Hada lazy day today with David and Rosina. Was not used to be waking up all night and getting up at 8 again but it was nice to be back to normal never the less. Spent the morning playing lots and had a lovely bath with my baby. Decided not to go to myDads till this evening so in the afternoon we took a long walk to David's Grans house even though Ro did get a bit tired. Had a nice dinner before heading home and now the packing starts!
Today's picture is of an orchid at David's mums house.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 230: Hello cuddles

Had a nice evening with Antonia last night and this morning I cleaned out Barry ready for him to go on holiday to Antonia's house. It has been a long day including my fridge defrosting so losing all the food :( cleaning the house a bit of desperate housewives and then university before a 3 hour train journey home which was very cold and gave me a headach. I then had to walk to David's house and just got in to Ro crying which meant I got a cuddle :)
Today picture is bad quality but very cute of my welcome cuddle :)