Day 1: 16/06/2011

Day 1: 16/06/2011

Day 1

I decided a while back that I wanted to start a 365 photography project Seeing others inspired me to take this step in photography, as i have been at university studying illustration the last three years but leaning more towards photography by the end of my degree and even doing my dissertation on documentary photography.
I wanted the starting day to be a day which meant something to me so I decided that today, the 16th June, which would have been my Mother's birthday who sadly passed away nearly 3 years ago, would be fitting. This project is in her memory and a gift to her.
The main photograph i have chosen today was taken in Central Park in New York city. At the moment I am on a 5 week holiday staying with my Aunty Parvaneh and Uncle Richard. I came here with my partner David and our daughter Rosina. The photography is of a small motor powered boat which people of all ages were sailing around a pond in the middle of the park. It is a peaceful photograph full of tranquility, hence the title. In the middle of the big city there is peace found by all in this wonderful park.
The two photographs below show the bulk of what I did today which was a photo-shoot, which I did for my Uncle Richard, photographing
the filming of a video being made for the Kickstarter website for his product Tricky notebooks. It was a long day but good experience
documenting a film being made.

Photo- shoot

Photo- shoot

Tricky notebooks

Tricky notebooks
I have realized that i blogged my first day as the main post, so now day one of my project will always be at the top of the blog and the rest will go in order from newest post to oldest, just so you don't get confused!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 319: Croissants for dinner :)

Came back to Worcester today although we had a lot of packing to do this morning so we didn't leave till 12 so we walked to the station for the 12.42 train which got us back at 3.30! I had to go straight to uni from there for my tutorial. After which I did work till my evening lecture. I didn't get home till late :( had a accident when cooking dinner the hob was left on and burnt a tray a little bit :(
Today's picture is of my yummy dinner

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 318: Ro's first game of snooker

Had a quieter day today, didn't do much before having a massive Sunday lunch which was very tasty and some great pudding. Then it was time to do work for the afternoon getting the presentation ready for tomorrow. During which Ro played snooker with Adam and David. At 5 Dad picked me up and we went to see Mary and David and saw the plans for my old house where there adding another half a house on to it! Sad times :( Had dinner here but going to see dad again now as back to Worcester tomorrow
Today's picture is of Ro and Dave playing snooker

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 317: Many a new shoe

Had a great day today spending time with Daddy, David and Ro we went to Mk and went on a mission for new shoes which is always a task most places don't seem to do my size, we stopped for lunch halfway through at cafe rouge the food was lovely but it took so long we were there for an hour and a half! Afterwards we went back to shopping and had success in the end Daddy brought me two dolly shoes, two short boots, sandals and Welles a few were in the sale. I got so many as all my shoes have holes in and these will last so grateful to my daddy :) we are having a cup of tea before dinner and Mk later with Ella Lauren and Maia and Daniel :)
Today's picture is of my beautiful shoes

Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 316: The white rabbit

Had a lovely busy day today :) this morning Rosina and I went to see Sam, Callum and Chris it was a nice morning of lots of baby cuddles and Ro trying to get Cal sitting next to her and on her lap which was very cute she also liked him to be happy and have his dummy even when he didn't want it bless. Sadly we couldn't stay that long but David and I went to Mk to celebrate our 7 years together today :). We met Gabby on the train and Maia there we all went for lunch at Wagamamas, it was David first time there and he loved it. We did a bit of shopping together before heading our separate ways so me and Dave spent some time together looking for shoes which I didn't find :( at 5 we meet my Dad and went to see the Avengers at the cinema :) it was brilliant. Dad drive us home and I went to his for a pizza for dinner before heading back here to spend some time with David :)
Today's picture is of the white rabbit statue which was in Mk.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 315: Lick my lolly

Today has been another work day, I decided I had to finish my essay for my research module today and I have :) I only have one essay left and a few more bits to sort out and i'm done with just under two weeks to go i'm feeling good about getting it all done to a goos standard. Other then essay writting I popped to tesco express with Ro and David to get some lunch, and after we had eaten Ro ate most of my ice lolly for me :) Going to see Sam and a few others at the pub tonight as a reward of finishing this essay.
Todays picture is of Ro licking my lolly, and no she didn't say sorry but I am her mummy so its ok :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 314: Watching tv

Not much to say about today, all I did was do work writting my essay and sorting through my research, Scott came round  to see Rosina and David, Scott and Ro played most the afternoon (I was sad I did not join in). Still not feeling 100% but after a day stuck inside think I may go for a walk.
Todays picture os a very cute lady on her own little chair watching tele.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 313: Ro and Papa

Had a long day today, got the train back to Leighton as wasn't feeling brilliant and wanted to be with David and Ro, but I forgot a lot of things like all the chargers so once I got to the nearest stop I got off and turned around luckily I had not gone far. When I finally got in at 4 I meet Dave and Ro at his Grans and Ro was so happy :) I popped to the library To try get even more research and when we got toDavids parents house my Dad popped over to see Ro and I. Had a nice dinner with pancakes for dessert.
Today's picture is of Papa and Ro having a cuddle watching Iggle Piggle :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 312: Wine and dine

Had a bit of lazy morning before uni which was nice and hen had to head over to uni, had my long day of just going through work and making sure were ready for hand in soon. When I finally got out at 9 Antonia picked me up and we got a cheap pizza express and headed home for a girls night in.
Today picture is of our wine mmm

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 311: Fun day :)

Had a lovely day today :) although unproductive on the work from which this week won't be as my loves have gone home so it's all work for me. Today as David and Ro were going to Leighton his parents came to pick them up, and they took us out for lunch first at the harvester :) We had a great time and ate so much food that when I got back and headed to the cinema I didn't even have popcorn. I went to the cinema with Leanne we had a girl date hehe and saw mirror mirror which was interesting. We had a great evening watching the voice chatting and ratting pizza. Now I am alone even Barry has left for a holiday with Matt and Leanne :( but thanks to them for having him :)
Today's picture is of things from my day :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 310: Morph

Dave was on the late today which always sucks on a Saturday, Ro and I went to town when he left and had a looked around the craft fair which was there, she walked all around Town and took me into water stones where there was book signings and cake decorating so she sat herself down and made a cake lol. When we got home it started hailing so was good timing, had a nice day doing lots of creative things such as drawing and playing with plasticine. This evening we watched the voice while Ro danced before her bed time :)
Todays picture is of my first attempt of north I got a kit off Dave a while back so thought if give it a go. Shame the shadow it a bit harsh behind him and Ro tried to colour his face in while felt tip!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 309: Strawberry

Had a sad night as Rosina had night terrors again so there wasn't much sleeping going on and by 7 she was ready to get up. We spent the morning playing tea party with her cuddly toys, and had a lovely bath together. We went to town to get lunch and to pick up some other bits but the weather was too nasty to stay out long, after lunch Rosina had her nap but seemed to have night terrors in the day for the first time so I decided to have her on my lap and rub her belly so she could get some more rest. When David got home I did some tidying and made stuffed pancakes for dinner :)
Today's picture is of my first strawberry of the year.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 308: Stopwatch

It was Ro full childminder day today so after a family breakfast David took her to Clare's. My day consisted of a bit of tidying and work I have now finished one essay only two to go :). I got Ro at six and we had a nice evening including watching lady and the tramp.
Today's picture is of a cool stop watch from London.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 307: Experiment photography with objects and material

Today has been very productive, I spent the morning with Ro who was very clingy (i think she missed me while I was away) but too soon it was time to go to childminders, although as normal she was happy to be there. I spent the afternoon doing work including some more experimental photography shots for my project, not much left to do now. Then it was time to go to university we had a group lecture all showing our work and talking about our projects. When I got home I did some more editing on my photographs.
Today's picture is one of my experiments with objects behind netting and petals in front.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 306: Lydia :)

Had a great time in london but had to get home to my lady and Davey today. We had a bit of a lie in and got a Nero at easton before I left. The journey went very quickly through reading the last book in the hunger games :) When I got to Worcester Ro came and meet me with Dave and was so happy. We went to Asda to get dinner, then came home for cuddles. I need to do some work now, lots of essays!
Today's picture is of Lydia With the big ben in the background :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 305: Alternative fashion show

I have had a very busy day in London, Lydia and I went straight to the alternative fashion show when we left the house and spent some time looking around the stalls and talking to designers and modelling agencies, whom I have hopefully succoured two interviews with for my dissertation. Afterwards the show started and I managed to bag myself a good space at the front so I could photograph the show, spending over an hour constantly photographing, having to change my settings through lighting changes and try not to be pushed out the way by others was hard work but fun and I felt very proud of my hard work. Once the show had finished and we had finished looking round we headed to oxford street so we could find some locations for the photo shoots with Lydia. We spent the restroom of the afternoon doing this and managed to get home at 7. Now I'm waiting for Lydia while she is at he reappointment before we head out for some nighttime shoots as well. Busy but productive day.
Today's photo is just one of many from the show.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 304: Boots

Had a nice morning with Ro watching Sherk the third and playing although she wouldn't nap. Leanne and Matt came over so they could look after Ro as I was off to London (thank you both) after a very long train journey I arrived in London! Where I meet Lydia and she took us out for a free whole chicken at nandos mmm. Now were back at hers having a good catch up.
Today's picture is of Boots her kitty cat

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 303: Face painting

Rosina was very lovely today, we had a bath and she spent ages washing my back which was so cute. We had a nice day together watching toy story 2 and 3. We also went to town and went to the baby fair where Rosina got lots of free balloons and got her face painted which she also helped do on the other cheek and has left a tinted blue stain even after lots of washing!
Todays picture is of Rosina when she was having her face painted.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 302: My Easter flowers

Ro and I have been poorly lady's today which isn't nice :( we spent the morning playing and watching tv before having a very early nap as she sleeps a lot when she is poorly. We had to go out for a little fresh air and to get some food, but she didn't want to be outside and kept moaning at me :( when David got home he was very lovely and gave us both cuddles. I made dinner but it wasn't brilliant and me and Ro weren't up for much food. I may get an early night so I can do some work tomorrow morning.
Today's picture is of the flowers I got for Easter there on there last legs but still pretty.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 301: My loves Having a walk

Ro and I had to get up very early this morning so that we could get back to Worcester for Ro to go to Clare's. Tom walked us to the station as he went to work then too, we got back to Worcester at 9.30 and although she was tired Ro was happy to go play. I spent my day essay writing and got a lot done, one essay is nearly done woo. David got home from work and at 6 we got the lady. We all had a walk to Asda to get dinner in and had a nice family evening. Now I think I will read the second book of the hunger games :)
Today's picture is of Ro (in her new shoes as we lost her old one) and David walking together very cute.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 300: Pp and Roro

Had a lovely day with Roxy and Tom today, Tom took Ro at nine so I got to sleep in a little, once I got up we spent a lot of time chatting and reading the hunger games so we decided to go see the film. Once we got into town I had to firstly buy Ro new shoes as she lost one yesterday :( we got pretty pink ones with lights. After that Roxy and I went to the cinema and Tom looked after Ro. The film was very good and worth watching :)
Today's picture is one of me and Ro still in our pjs

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 299: Roxy close up

Had a nice day today, we all went to Birmingham this morning and meet up with Roxy and Tom, we did some shopping before meeting Lauren for coffee :) afterwards I went to the works and brought all three hunger games books cheap so gave Lauren the first as I now had two she loves it already :) Sadly Lauren had to go so we a went to the think tank, it was a fun day and Ro enjoined herself there we even had some over priced museum food :)
We left about five and Ro had her first nap of the day!! Rosina and I went back to derby with Roxy and Tom but sadly David had to go home for work tomorrow. We got a takeaway for dinner and now were about to watch Hugo.
Today's picture is a cute close up of Roxy as she got in front of my camera.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 298: Broad bean rice

Had a nice relaxing day today with David and Ro, prob the last time I can do nothing fora while as back on the work tomorrow! Today we had a film day and other then that we went to a cafe for lunch and I made board bean rice for dinner which I have never made before. I have also read the hunger games here and there throughout the day :)
Today's picture is of the rice ready tone served

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 297: Easter with the Sawtells

Had a busy but lovely Easter got up early this morning and watched Horton hears a who in bed and ate Easter eggs :). When we finally got up I has to make the apple crumble ( with help via Skype off of Roxy) and make the starter of salmon tarts :). Davids parents came round at 1.30 by which time we had tidied and showered :) David and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen but we has a lovely roast (lamb) and everyone enjoined my starter and dessert. After lunch we all chatted and watched Toy story, Rosina loved having everyone round and played with all. Trust had brought dinner so everyone had sandwiches although mine is in the fridge as I wasn't hungry I might have it now :) They left at Rosina bed time and I watched Jurassic park, now time to watched once upon a time great series :)
Today's picture is of everyone very happy after dinner.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 296: The hunger games

Just a quick blog as its been a long day of unpacking, other then that Ro and I took a walk and got some photos printed and over 200 ready to be picked up Monday (took Maias advice to do lots in one go) it makes me sad that people don't often print now due to digital photography and I'm a photographer saying that. So people print a load and get an album it's so nice to look through.
Today's picture is of the book the hunger games so many people I know are or have read it recently I decided it was time :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 295: Fleurs

My little lady got me up early this morning, it seems when David is on the early she likes getting up early. Although she was in a very cuddly mood and wanted to just sit with me which was nice. We had a very fun bah before her nap, when she woke we had lunch and went to town, we had to do a big shop at Asda to he stuff in for Sunday as we have David's family over including his Mum, Dad, brother and nan so one busy day :) when David got back we did some tidying and made dinner. Rosina's room is now perfect :)
Today's picture are of some flowers Ro and I saw while we were out I do love spring and summer for all the flowers everywhere.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 294: Old sign

Had a day of uni work today as the little was at childminder. David and I dropped her off and went to the hub to sort out council tax which took a little while as we had to wait, but I did get a McDonald's hash brown for breakfast yum. When we got home i had the day to work, I went through my research highlighting and making notes and then started one of my essays which I'm happy about feel mainly on top of my work :) when I got Ro she was very happy to see me and we came home for dinner cuddles and a bit of tv before her bed. David is home now and we have to do some tidying.
Today's picture is of an old sign I always see on the way back from Clare's and strangely like.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 293: Bath time is the best time :)

This morning David and I had a few errands to run in town so we got ready quickly and went to do them. Too soon David had to go to work and it was lunch time. So Ro and I had our lunch before heading to Clare's. While Ro was at childminder I had to go to university to do some work, tomorrow I'm going to start my essays :) had a nice evening with Ro once she was home and fell asleep with her till David got home at 10.
Today's picture is of Ro having fun in the bath, she does love bath time.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 292: Worcester baby of the year

Maia had to leave today which is very sad as we had a lovely time together. We spent the morning chatting and getting ready then went to get her train, she got Ro a bunny toy and Easter egg for Easter which made the little lady very happy :) when me and Ro got back we had a nap. Then had to go to the doctors as she has been a poorly girl, they said it was a virus and to keep an eye on her. We meet David in town when he got home from work and had a nice evening together.
Today's picture is of Rosina in Worcester baby of the year competition please vote by texting WNBABY 1113 to 80360. Thank you all

Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 291: Dress shoot 2

Had another lovely day with Maia, also a busy one. Once we got up and had breakfast I wanted to Do some more photographs with Maia do we went to town which was heaving as it is now the school holidays and it worked perfectly. Very happy with today's shoot need more of the same :) after a bit of shopping and lunch we decided to take Rosina to little acorns we got there a bit later then expected but had an amazing time running round everywhere and played some basketball :). We are going out tonight so time to get ready :)
Today's picture is of Maia and an example of one of my photos which I love :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 290: Dress is your identity shoot

Had a good day today, this morning I had a photo shoot with Maia and Leonie. it was good fun and I felt confident although town wasn't as busy as I wanted it, because wanted many people rushing by and there wasn't that many. Going to try for some more tomorrow as well. Afterwards Maia and I took Ro swimming the big pool was so cold we spent out time in the small pool Ro was such a good swimmer and played with the toys for ages. David decided to treat us all to a nandos when we got home so we went there and had a great time. Now time to relax
Today's picture Is an example from my shoot showing your still an individual even with many people rushing by you. Thank you Maia and Leonie for all your help :)